Through the use of holographic technology real products can be “brought to life”. This state of the art technology combined with 3D animations allows images to appear to be ‘freely floating in space’ around your product. It creates a mesmerising and memorable impression on customers.

What is Holographic Advertising?

TMS Digital Displays can offer you 3 types of 3D holographic displays, from a single sided display to a 4 sided display to the latest in holographic technology, the HOLOFAN.

The key benefit of 3D Holographic advertising comes from its stunning visual effects. We use custom produced 3D animations which perfectly replicate the real product for maximum impact and can also integrate movies and other product images as well.

TMS Digital Displays can also facilitate this whole process from the initial concept through to production and final content display.

  • Eye Catching The 3D nature of the displays allows for an unrestricted view of the product.
  • High Dwell Time The unique aspect of having free floating products displayed draws customers in to view the entire  duration of the content (on average 2 minutes).
  • Sales Uplift When utilised in a retail environment, sales uplifts of between 200%-300% was recorded.
  • Placement Due to its uniquely appealing nature, 3D holographic advertising is positioned in high traffic areas.
  • Individualisation Displays can be custom built to accommodate content and product changes.
  • Energy Saving By using this state of the art technology power consumption is extremely low (about 18W).