TMS Digital Displays offer freestanding portrait touch screens and non-touch screens.

Digital Kiosks

Our freestanding digital kiosks enable constant use 24/7, for over 70,000 hours. The attractive displays encourage customer engagement, and are suited to both indoor and outdoor use.

TMS Digital Kiosk displays have a wide viewing angle of 178°. They have a streamlined, attractive design featuring a tempered glass face, rounded corners, steel enclosure with slim profile and aluminium surround. The aluminium adds to the captivating tablet-like aesthetics and protects the internal components from damage.

Each screen is fitted with a commercial grade LCD panel with an LED backlight. They come with a built in HD player, along with the option of a media player with remote software access. We offer screen sizes ranging from 32 inch to 90 inch displays.

Our outdoor kiosks are full IP 65+.