With full colour graphics and plenty of space to work with, digital menu boards are much more engaging than traditional sign writing or chalked-up daily dishes.

Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards are rapidly becoming a fixture in bars and cafés across Australia. These boards offer the convenience of updating and changing menus instantly whilst also saving costs on reprinting menus. Digital menu boards enable you to make dynamic changes in real time (for example, breakfast, lunch and dinner menus) allowing for only the items for the relevant day and time to be shown.

Digital Menu Boards give you plenty of space to work with and allow for moving full colour graphics. Digital Menu Boards are more engaging than traditional menu boards thus helping increase overall sales.

TMS Digital Displays can offer you commercial grade screens which are backed by our full warranty and ongoing tech support and maintenance. Digital menu boards are also an eco- friendly solution to static print and display menus.

Digital Menu Boards Give You

  • Easy to update and change menu items, pricing, and removing sold-out items.
  • Ability to up sell and promote new items with strategic integration of dynamic displays.
  • The moving full colour graphics are more dynamic grabbing people’s attention and increasing sales.
  • Day-part scheduling allows for different menus to be displayed based on the time of day or week.
  • Boards can be remotely updated from any internet accessible location.
  • The interactive and engaging nature of the displays enhances the customer experience and helps reduce perceived wait times.
  • Ensures visual consistency and compliance across multiple locations.
  • The ability to update the menu boards in real time means businesses can update their menus to ensure excess stock is utilised making promotions more cost-effective.
  • With digital menu boards, there’s no need to repeatedly reprint menus which means less landfill waste and saving costs and emissions necessary to print and deliver replacement menus.


Various sizes 32”,42”,46”,50”,55”