LED displays are a captivating and impactful advertising format that can enhance your brand, promote customer engagement and take your business to the next level beyond standard shopfront signage and poster advertising.

Led Displays

TMS Digital Displays bring you the latest in both indoor and outdoor LED display signage to help promote your brand and engage your customers. The LED products we offer include:

  • Indoor LED Screens
  • Outdoor LED Screens
  • Mobile Solar Digital LED Trailers

LED displays are a captivating advertising medium that can enhance your brand, and promote interaction with customers, taking your company to the next level. They are ideal for advertising and promotion in shop windows, shopping centres, retail outlets or showrooms.

TMS Digital Displays will customise your screens to make sure they fit perfectly into the desired indoor or outdoor space to capture the attention of passing foot or vehicle traffic.

Our indoor displays offer pixel pitches of  P1.5 to P10 and our outdoor displays offer pixel pitches of P4 to P10. All outdoor displays are IP 65 plus (i.e. waterproof/dust proof etc). Both Indoor and Outdoor displays come with a 3 year warranty.

Video Wall Frame

Benefits of LED Displays

  • LED displays are more captivating and engaging than traditional signage.
  • The content on LED display boards can be updated quickly and easily so that it is always relevant and up to date as opposed to traditional signage which need to be screen printed and manually installed.
  • The CMS can be accessed remotely from any internet accessible location giving you the capability of running different content on different displays.
  • Can be used to play various types of media from images to videos.


Our LED’s can be customised to fit any cabinet sizes and come in pixel pitches from P1 to P10 for indoor application and P4-P12 for outdoor applications.